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Diving into Kundalini Yoga

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Elevate Your Game

Learn the yogic tools to awaken consciousness

Inner Wisdom

Your intuition is the key!

“Focus” is your Path

Walk the path to self-awareness while still connected with the real world


Empower yourself by activating the internal guidance system

Strength & Resilient

Develop a strong nervous system and make your mind works for you


Be part of this heart-centered community where we are share and thrive together as equal

Because this is your time to…

  • Learn the yogic tools to awaken consciousness.

  • Liberate yourself from unproductive looping thoughts by developing a strong nervous system and awakening the mind.

  • Empower yourself by activating the internal guidance system to help you navigate this crazy world.

  • Your intuition is the key.

  • You are not here to impress anyone.

  • You are here to impress your self and experience your soul.

  • Feel that truth from within.

  • This is the path to self-awareness.

  • Is it your time to ignite your inner light and experience your unique truth.
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    Kundalini Yoga Program

    The Training

    This is a KRI and Yoga Alliance certified This is a 220-Hour training program that certifies you to be an internationally recognized yoga instructor by the Kundalini Yoga Research Institute and the Yoga Alliance.

    The program takes you on an educational journey of the body including: Yogic and Western Anatomy, movements, postures (asanas), modifications, body alignment, and body awareness.  

    Join us in our highly curated online training and Tap into this true technology of frequency. This training is divided in 10 weekends through 7 months to allow you to soak the knowledge and digest the experience in your own personal way. The idea of this setup is to allow you to Transform your life at all Levels of your being without compromising your work or business activities you currently have.

    Training Hours:
    7:00 – 10:30am + 11:30am – 3:00pm EST
    4:00 – 7:30am + 8:30am-12:00pm PST


    • – March 4-6
    • – April 2-3 
    • – April 23-24
    • – May 14-15
    • – June 4-5
    • – July 16-17
    • – August 6-7
    • – August 27-28
    • – September 17-18
    • – Sept 29-Oct 2*

    * In-person option Graduation Weekend Phoenix, Arizona Sept 29-Oct 2 

    Location: Guru Nanak Dwara
    Travel cost and accommodation not included. 
    Price $3300 USD   Paid in full price

    Early Bird Price $3000 USD Before February 15th

    Level 1 KRI Teacher Training Manuals (Printed or E-Book) $150 USD
    This includes 3 books as the Course materials in English. 
    *Printed book just available for US domestic shipping

    Ask for our scholarships, payment plans and personalized discounts

    Our Training Team

    Know more about the trainers…


    Dr. Haridass is here to teach how to live and to love fully.  She is a Kundalini Yoga Lead Teacher Trainer, entrepreneur, and explorer of Creating Happiness.

    More About Haridass…


    Baldev Singh Khalsa has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 45 years and is a certified Kundalini Level 1 Teacher. with over 1,000 hrs of training. Currently he is an assistant trainer with Dr. Haridass Kaur for a KY Level 1 Teacher Training program.

    He has been the lead assistant for the Teacher Training programs at Yoga at the Ashram in Millis with Hari Kaur for the past 4 years. He is an associate in the KRI Academy training program. He brings his big heart and compassionate strength to each class. As one colleague describes him, “He holds a loving space and is a safe teacher who exemplifies divine masculinity. Dr. Sham Rang Khalsa”

    Chris Maanas

    Passionate traveler and holistic healer, in love with nature and sustainable living. Chris is here to deliver the teachings with his authentic style always looking for a true connection with students to share, clarify or just listen about their experience.

    More about Chris…

    Sat Purkh

    Sat Purkh is a KRI certified teacher and teacher trainer. She has been facilitating and studying yoga for over twenty five years. Sat Purkh was a founding teacher at RA MA Institute in Venice, California, and a Professional Trainer at Infinite Goddess Training’s.

    Sat Purkh is a KRI certified teacher and teacher trainer. She has been facilitating and studying yoga for over twenty five years. Sat Purkh was a founding teacher at RA MA Institute in Venice, California, and a Professional Trainer at Infinite Goddess Training’s. She has teamed up with Dr Haridass to provide KRI approved teacher trainings for the next generation of Kundalini Yogis around the world. She has developed a teaching style that is marked by humor, personal experience, and scholarly research. She weaves Kundalini Yoga, Numerology and the sound of the gong to create a re-birthing effect that results in deep healing, and sustained transformation. Her classes and sessions are available to anyone form beginners to advanced practitioners to enjoy.

    More About Sat Purkh


    SatHari Kaur delivers the teachings of the kundalini technology with a very inspirational, impactful, and practical approach.    She emphasizes the daily practice of embracing oneself through breath, body, sound, stillness and movement.  This gives us an access to greater levels of awareness and clarity combined with higher frequencies and energy. 

     With that we have the ability to release old patterns, unravel levels of conditioning, and deconstruct our emotional waves.  Ultimately, we come to a place of living as a true self differentiated being balancing all dimensions of our lives. 

    SatHari Kaur is an KRI Professional Trainer in Kundalini Yoga, E-RYT 500, Seven Spiritual Laws Yoga, and Radiant Child Yoga Teacher.  She also has Masters in Applied Behavioral Science and as an educator and catalyst she spends much of her time connecting with people who desire a radical approach to their lives, relationships, and/or business by using the modalities that she has cultivated over the last 37 years:  Multi-Dimensional Alignment, Human Design, Ayurveda, Sound Meditation, Vaastu, Astrocartography, Astrology, and Yoga.  Additionally, she works with her husband and daughter in delivering Planetary and Life pujas as well as Third Eye healings.

    Kundalini Yoga Online Level 1 Training 2022

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