The Art of Teaching Yoga for Babies, Toddlers & Kids


Sharing yoga with Earth’s newest yogis is a magical and rewarding practice that requires profound wisdom and experience in order to offer a class that is engaging, fun, and properly paced.


How can newborn babies, infants, and toddlers engage in breathing techniques, asana, and music?  How do we make yoga fun for kids and teenage children?


If you are a yoga teacher, parent, school teacher, caregiver, or curious human, this immersion will offer tools and ideas on how to create a class that is appropriate for all stages of a baby’s life.

What You will learn?


-Do’s and Don’ts of baby and kid poses

-Techniques for teaching a lap baby versus a crawler or walker

-Techniques for teaching older kids and teenagers to keep them engaged

-Including and engage the adult/caregiver during the practice for babies and toddlers 

-Choosing the right musical instruments, props, and playlists for babies and toddlers

-Choosing the right instruments for older children and teenagers


This is a unique opportunity to expand your practice, explore yoga with the purest beings, and step out of your comfort zone to experience an entirely different art form within the field of yoga.

– Open to all experience levels (yoga teacher certification not required)

– Please don’t bring your baby or child to the training. This is to gather the tools that you can then apply when you are with them!

– Please bring a baby doll that we can practice with.

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