40 day meditation challenge


Join us in our 4th 40 day Meditation Challenge starting March 21, 2021

This meditation has a vibration that is so powerful, it has the potential to redirect your future down a completely new path.  Utilizing this energy with the force of the Spring Equinox can help you to create your dreams into reality. We will utilize one of Kundalini’s most famous mantras, the Mul Mantra, which is said to be the mantra from which all other mantras come from.  For 7 minutes, we will chant the Mul Mantra with our arms out to direct our destiny forward, and each 12th repetition the arms will go straight up, confirming this destiny to be true. If you commit to this strong meditation for 40 days with us, you will see a clear unveiling of your path towards your deepest desires!

Chloe and Chris Maanas will guide you together through this 40 day practice.  We encourage you to share your journey with us, reach out to let us know how you are doing, and together we will break through this 40 day challenge together!

Sat Nam